Fintech Brunch #5 coming up on June 22.

Fintech Brunch #5 on June 22nd

The Fintech Brunch series of conferences are practical meetings that provide an excellent opportunity to make interesting business contacts and present your own achievements and solutions. Participation in the event provides an opportunity to both present and learn about ready-made solutions and cases, which will certainly make it easier for fintech companies to cooperate in this flexible environment.

Fill out the registration form and attend the 5. This year’s edition of Fintek Brunch: http://bityl.en/Ud6Qh

This year’s edition of the event will be the second held in compliance with the current sanitary regime. Due to the prevailing outbreak of the coronavirus, the event will be smaller in terms of the number of participants, but still full of interesting discussions and speeches. This is an excellent opportunity for the industry to come together after the recent hiatus caused by Covid-19. We will meet those for whom the time of the epidemic turned out to be a period of dynamic conceptual and even business development.

In the program 5. During the Fintech Brunch edition we will find lectures by experts from the following industries. fintech, govtech, banktech and hrtech. An important element of the meeting will be the promotion of paperless solutions. The event will end with an inspiring debate.

The meeting will be held once again in the atmosphere of Warsaw’s Praga district. This time we will be hosted by the ArtBistro Stalowa 52 restaurant. The combination of the intimate atmosphere of this place and the June weather is a great opportunity for backstage meetings and business talks. For those who will stay with us until the evening, a surprise will be waiting.

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