How many followers you need on social media to make big money

How many followers you need on social media to make big money?

Social media influencers can make very big money, on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It all depends on the number of observers, but also on the views proclaimed.

It is undeniable that celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo can earn up to $1 million per post. According to data from Hopper HQ, a research agency monitoring Instagram, it appears that you do not need as many observers as you might think to earn a lot of money.

Lickd Company.Which has created a calculator to tell you what conditions you need to meet to earn up to $100,000 on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Calculated estimates by Lickd.Which is nothing but a correlation of data from YouTube’s earnings calculator or SevenSix agency’s pricing report.

How much can you earn on YouTube

The website that everyone probably knows. A site founded in 2005 that allows you to post, live stream, rate and comment on audiovisual content for free. It has quickly become a source of income for many Internet users. So how many followers does it take to make money by publishing videos?

According to the calculator, it takes at least 1,000 subscribers and about 24 million impressions per year to generate even $100,000. To make money on YouTube, you need to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which allows you to earn money by advertising during your videos. An influencer signing up for the previously mentioned program must have at least 1,000 subscribers and have accumulated over 4,000 hours of “public viewing” in the last 12 months. The account must be linked to ADSense. The YouTube Influencer Marketing Hub calculator estimates that the average YouTuber generates a profit of roughly $7.60 per 1,000 impressions, while as much as 45% of that revenue goes to the Google platform.

Is it still possible to make money on Instagram

The social photo-sharing site was founded in 2010. Very quickly won the hearts of millions of users. Because of its access to a wide audience, Instagram has become an interesting platform to monetize. According to Lickd estimates.What to generate a profit of $100,000 a user needs 5,000 followers on Instagram and 308 sponsored posts per year.

Published a few months ago, the HBO documentary “Fake Fame” showed the backstage world of influencers. Demonstrated how average viewers, can manipulate Instagram to become famous, influential people in the online world. Lickd.which indicates that an influencer with one million followers can earn up to $250,000 per sponsored post.

To make money on this platform, you need to change your account to a professional account and select the “company” option.

The highest earnings thanks to TikTok?

Mobile app TikTok involves the distribution of short, often funny videos. It has gained quite a bit of popularity recently, with content creators often going to risky and controversial lengths to gain followers and make money. To generate $100,000 you need at least 10,000 subscribers and over 270 million views per year. TikTok, like YouTube, has an affiliate program called TikTok Creator Fund. To qualify, creators must be based in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain or Italy. Must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum of 100,000 followers and as many impressions in the last 30 days. The account must also comply with TikTok’s community guidelines, terms of service and privacy policy.

Controversial and unethical actions of TikTokers?

Without a doubt, it can be pointed out that we live in a time of narcissism culture. Self-confidence and an ostentatious search for recognition and acceptance have found an outlet in social media. The result of this acceptance is likes, views, and shares on social media. A common practice to gain fame is to post or talk about conversations with celebrities they have made contact with through dating apps.

There are many dating apps in the U.S. mobile market – including the exclusive Ray app. It is known for its rich and famous users. In the TikTok era, stories are starting to emerge about what some users are saying about their interactions with celebrities on the app. Ray brings together an elite group, and few have access to it. According to The New York Times, only 8% of applicants are accepted after a rigorous application process. Prospective users apply for admission to the service, then are reviewed by application committee members according to internal rules. The New York Times estimates that Amy Schumer, Kelly Osbourn, Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry, among others, have used the app. The latter two fell victim to a conspiracy by TikTokers. Users looking to gain internet fame dated celebrities and then talked about it on their channel. These materials reached over 8.5 million impressions and 1.3 million likes. At a rapid pace began to appear materials, where people bragged about which celebrities they paired up with on Ray.

Promoting cryptocurrencies on TikTok

A strong, noticeable trend for gaining popularity on the Internet is persuading the audience to risky cryptocurrency transactions. Recently, investing in cryptocurrencies has become very popular. The little-covered activities of unprofessional “brokers” have gained the attention of financial fraudsters, who often intercept financial transfers. Cryptocurrencies or virtual tokens, which can be mined by computers executing complex algorithms, have a market value of $2.4 trillion. Their recognition is growing, thanks in large part to the online promotions of. The exchange rates of these virtual currencies can fluctuate wildly, sometimes for no discernible reason.

Influencers from all corners of social media are capitalizing on the growing cryptocurrency trend. Online celebrities promote investments and usually not-so-clear financial transactions. An example was Charli D’Amelio, who indicated she wanted to receive Bitcoin for her 17th birthday, which turned out to be a collaboration between a minor and the Gemini app. Internet users accused both TikTokerce and Gemini that it is not ethical and an underage influencer should not trade cryptocurrencies. The company took a stand, explaining that they care about educating the youngest about cryptocurrencies and at the same time promote the brand.

Thanks to strong technological changes and media convergence, it is no longer only large media holdings that have the chance to make money from mass media. With the transition from consumer to prosumer, the model of earning in the media has also changed. Nowadays, each of us can earn a considerable amount of money online, but several criteria must be met. Unfortunately, some try to achieve them at any cost, thus operating on the edge of the law.

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