How to register a prepaid phone

How to register a prepaid phone?

According to regulations, each SIM card and phone number must be assigned to a specific user. They can be registered to a person or a company. This process is very simple and can be done in several ways.

Why register a prepaid phone?

People who have decided to sign a subscription contract with a mobile network operator have always had to provide their data necessary to conclude it. In the case of pre-paid phones in the past it was enough to buy a starter and immediately use the possibility of calling or sending text messages. The change occurred on July 25, 2016 as a result of the introduction of the anti-terrorism law. Since then, it is no longer possible to purchase the so-called “new” products. prepaid cards without their prior registration. Such a solution aims to eliminate the existence of anonymous phone numbers, thus increasing security.

Nowadays, prepaid offers require you to go through a registration process. This applies if you want to get a new phone number. You have to take care of all the formalities yourself – otherwise it is impossible to make calls, send text messages or use the Internet.

Who can register the card?

Under current regulations, a prepaid phone can be registered to anyone who is at least 13 years old. If you are of legal age, you will need to provide your name and PESEL as shown on your ID card, the number of the phone you want to register, as well as the SIM card number and PUK. For young people under 18. If you are a child over the age of one, you need to provide details from your child’s ID card or passport. If a minor does not have such documents, they can register a SIM card using the data of their guardian.

In the case of business customers, the registration of the phone, on the other hand, involves providing information about a specific company. You will need to provide the name of the company, its VAT ID and Tax ID, as well as the details of its representative (i.e. his/her first name, surname and PESEL).

How to register a card?

Prepaid phone registration can be done in several ways. It should be remembered that each mobile network operator has its own individual procedures prepared for this purpose. So it is always worth checking how the registration process looks like in a specific network. Such information can be found on its official website. You can also get them by calling the customer helpline.

The easiest way to register a new number is to visit the operator’s showroom. All you need to take with you is an identity document and a phone with a SIM card. In the case of many companies you can register the phone for example. at the post office, and sometimes also at the letter carrier’s.

However, some people prefer to do the whole process online. It is possible – the phone can often be registered by using the internet banking service of certain banks. SMS registration is also a proven method. However, you can use it only if you already have another number registered with a given operator or if you have used an individual subscription with this operator before.