Parcels to Ireland – how to order a courier via website on your phone

Parcels to Ireland – how to order a courier via website on your phone?

One of the emigration countries is Ireland, where many people go not only for tourism but also for work. There is no shortage of people choosing to start a family in Ireland, which has a lot to offer on every level. Everyone has different needs, preferences and expectations, and the choice of destination is an individual matter. Even if your family or friends are in Ireland, you can easily send them a package from Poland. You can send a package through the website and a courier will come to collect it and deliver it to your address. What is important, it can be done quickly and simply even from the phone and it will not cause you any difficulties!

A parcel arrives in Ireland just a few days after its delivery?

International parcel shipping has become a very popular service since a lot of courier companies have appeared on the market offering affordable prices. You can count on fast and safe delivery of a parcel to the indicated address. In the case of shipments to Ireland it is no different, the carrier is able to guarantee that the package will reach the addressee within a few working days. It usually takes four to six days, less than a week. It is therefore possible to send your loved ones various items as gifts, which will surely bring them great joy. You should of course always check whether the item can actually be sent to the country in question. The list of goods which are prohibited to be transported to Ireland includes live and dead animals, plants and their bulbs, meat and meat products, weapons, ammunition, explosives and pornographic materials, drugs and alcohol. Nothing stands in the way of sending your family clothes, shoes, jewelry, books and much more.

The cost of sending a parcel to Ireland depends on several factors, the weight and dimensions of the parcel have a large impact on the price. It is of course possible to send a large and heavy parcel, but this is associated with higher costs. It will also be important whether you want to use standard or express service. In the case of the former, you can count on cheaper shipping, but the parcel will take longer to deliver. If you are in a hurry and you don’t mind spending a little bit more money, it is worth betting on the express service. The parcel will reach the addressee in almost no time. With our parcel delivery service to Ireland, you can also track your shipment in real-time, from the time of dispatch and collection by courier, to delivery at your destination. The tracking service provides convenience and reduced risk of lost shipments in the logistics system. And you can do all this using only your phone!

How easy it is to order a parcel to Ireland using your phone?

The cost of parcels to Ireland does not have to be high, you just need to find a carrier that offers attractive prices. A great option will be a courier broker AlleKurier, which provides up to 70% cheaper parcels to Ireland than in case of ordering a courier directly on carriers’ websites. As international parcels are more expensive than domestic ones due to higher logistic costs, it is worth finding the best solution for you. Enter https://allekurier on your phone in the search engine.en. There are many courier companies to choose from, all of which are dedicated to getting your parcel to Ireland safely and quickly. Prices offered by allekurier are affordable, so even regular sending of packages will not involve a large expense. Before you proceed to ordering, you can quickly estimate the shipment, which will give you an idea of the estimated cost of the service. There is an intuitive and easy to use online form for this, also available on mobile. Once you have entered the dimensions, weight and destination country of your parcel, an approximate shipping cost will be displayed. In the service via phone, you will be helped by the first button “book a parcel”. After clicking it you can fill in the blanks necessary to send the package. When it’s ready, simply select “rate a shipment” with a single slide on your phone screen. Here you will see all proposals for shipment for the entered parameters. Choose the best offer for you and select the “select” function. After reloading the page on your phone you will find a detailed shipment form.

Fill it in with information about the recipient and sender of the parcel, including the parcel’s pickup address and delivery address. In the case of international shipments, it is always advisable to take out insurance so that you won’t be at a loss should any problems arise. There is always some risk of damage or loss of the package, but it is minimized if you choose a reliable carrier. Go to online payment and pay for your shipment. Once you have paid for your package, a waybill will be automatically generated, which you will need to print and stick on the package that the courier will come to pick up. After it has been picked up by the carrier, it will be forwarded for further transportation. The whole process of ordering a courier by phone will take you a few minutes. No hassle, no unnecessary formalities, and you will send your parcel cheaply and safely!