SemKRK returns to your screens!

semKRK returns to your screens!

semKRK This is a unique conference for SEM and SEO professionals, online marketing agencies, marketing departments, e-commerce industry and business owners. The idea of meetings organized by the agency from Kraków DevaGroup is above all an exchange of knowledge in a relaxed, barcamp-like atmosphere. The meetings have one main goal: to integrate the online marketing industry and educate. The event will be held online, with no limit of participants.

During semKRK#17:

  • You will listen to 6 lectures by specialists in the field of online marketing and analytics,
  • you will see 3 most interesting case studies and learn how to achieve even better results,
  • you’ll meet 3 marketing superstars who will share their knowledge during the lecture
  • and experience,
  • semKRK awards 2021 will be handed out,
  • You will learn industry news that will inspire you to action,
  • You’ll be able to ask questions to the experts live!

In addition, before the conference, the organizers have prepared for you 3 days filled with the subject matter, knowledge and practice! Online workshops accompanying semKRK will also be held in June:

  • SEO – 14.06. Google Ads – 15.06. Google Analytics – 16.06.

Call for papers

We would like to inform you about the new version of the submissions for conference speakers. Each presentation, which will pass the initial content verification, will be evaluated by semKRK fans. A poll on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram will allow you to vote for three presentations for each day of the conference. So in total you vote for six presentations that you want to see! 😊

Voters will learn the titles of the presentations themselves, along with descriptions, but will not immediately know who will give them. So we will choose the presentations, not the speakers. Only when the results are announced will the people behind the topics be announced and thus you will know their names. We focus on merit, not fame! We are waiting for your entries until 9 May!

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