The number of self-employed in IT is growing steadily.

The number of self-employed in IT is growing steadily

Self-employment in the IT industry has been enjoying unabated popularity for several years. According to No Fluff Jobs, a website with ads for the IT industry, this form of employment is already offered in three quarters of advertisements addressed to IT specialists. Moreover, at the end of 2020 there were more than 112 thousand active. of one-person IT companies, and their number has been growing steadily for the last six years – on average at a rate of 13.5%. every year.

The longer the length of service, the more popular the self-employment

It turns out that the greater the work experience, the more willing IT specialists decide to set up a sole proprietorship and cooperate on the basis of a B2B contract, hence employers try to meet their expectations. According to No Fluff Jobs, in 2020, in ads targeting IT experts, it was offered most often and dominated over the employment contract (B2B: 87 percent., UoP: 36 percent.), and in the case of people with medium experience, both forms of cooperation were offered equally often (B2B: 66 percent., UoP: 60 percent.). On the other hand, offers for beginners were most often accompanied by an employment contract (72%).), and the B2B contract only in 45% of the. of them.

– B2B contract is the type of contract most often chosen by IT experts and people with average experience, i.e., the so-called “white collar”. “mids”. Because of their greater experience, they make more conscious decisions related to their careers and, due to greater practice, they see the pros and cons that are associated with this type of contract. For most of them the pros outweigh the cons says Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs. – The benefit that comes from this type of agreement is not only the The possibility of project collaboration with several entities and tax breaks, including IP Box, which translate into higher earnings. No Fluff Jobs data shows that in the case of B2B contracts, IT specialists can earn between 13 and 18 thousand. PLN net.

And what are the median pay ranges (upper and lower) in IT in the case of a B2B contract? According to No Fluff Jobs this year beginners can count on earnings between 4 and 7 thousand. net, people with average experience between 9 and 14 thousand. net, and experts between 16 and 21 thousand. PLN net.

Share of sole proprietorships in IT. Most self-employed in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship

According to data from Dun & Brandstreet, the largest percentage of sole proprietors in the IT sector in 2020 were active in the software industry (67.5 percent.). The second position was occupied by activities related to IT consulting (19%).), and the third – services in the field of information technology. The least – 5.6 percent. runs a business related to the management of IT devices.

The majority, nearly 30%, of IT. of sole proprietorships in the IT industry were active in the Mazowieckie province in 2020. It was immediately followed by Małopolskie (10.7 percent.) and the Lower Silesia region (10.4 percent.). The vast majority of them are concentrated in the largest Polish cities – in Warsaw there are over 19 thousand active. The number of self-employed in the IT industry in Kraków and Wrocław is 6.1k and 6.5k respectively. In the case of other provincial cities their numbers are slightly lower – in Katowice 1.3 thousand., in Poznan – 3.8 thousand., in Gdańsk – 3.1 thousand. and in Gdynia – 1.2 thousand. in Łódź – 2.6 thousand., in Rzeszów and Bydgoszcz – nearly 1 thousand., in Lublin 1.4 thousand., in Szczecin – 1.6 thousand., and in Białystok – 1.2 thousand. No more than 500 are in Olsztyn, Kielce, Zielona Góra and Opole.

Warsaw and Krakow offer the highest rates of pay

No Fluff Jobs data shows that in the case of work under a B2B contract, the highest salaries are offered to IT specialists in Warsaw and oscillate between 14.7 and 20 thousand PLN. In Cracow, on the other hand, they can count on earnings between 13 and 18.3 thousand PLN net. Net worth. As for the upper forks, they are slightly smaller in the Tri-City, Łódź and Wrocław than in the Małopolska region – median earnings there are 18 thousand. net PLN.

– When broken down by category, the highest salaries under a B2B contract can be counted on by Security representatives (16.8-22 thousand. They are mainly focused on introducing new technologies while ensuring data privacy. PLN net). – says Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs. – But equally high rates are offered to specialists working in the fields of Business Intelligence and DevOps – in both they amount to 15-20 thousand PLN. PLN net.

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