What features are worth paying attention to when buying a TV

What features should you look for when buying a TV set??

A TV set is a piece of equipment that provides entertainment for all members of the household, allows you to watch movies and TV series, and listen to the most important news from the country and the world. It is often a centerpiece in the living room and sometimes in the comfort of the bedroom. Buying a new model is quite a challenge, most often due to the variety that the market offers. Additionally, unfamiliar terms and functions do not make this task any easier. How to buy a good model that will last for many years? What parameters to pay particular attention to?

OLET, QLED or LCD – types of displays

TV is a piece of equipment that will be used for many years. Therefore, it is worth knowing all the most important parameters that prove its high quality and ensure the highest class of the displayed image. Depending on your needs, it is worth finding out what OLET, QLET and LCD displays are.

  1. QLED display – a TV with this type of display is backlit using quantum dots. Color quality is very wide and colors on the screen are displayed more and stronger. This is of particular value if you plan to purchase very large equipment, such as a 75-inch TV. The screen will be sharp and clear even in a sunny room.
  2. LED display – it is distinguished by displaying images using LCD matrices. It is a very energy-efficient option, and it is also durable.
  3. OLED display – is an innovative solution that imitates a cinema screen. Uses organic LEDs, which can be used in very thin TVs, with a modern design. The displayed image has the highest quality contrast as well as strong, deep blacks.

TV size – diagonal and screen resolution designation

An important element of buying a new TV is to determine its size and, most importantly, the distance from which the materials will be viewed. The relationship between screen size and viewing distance has a significant impact on the quality of the image your eyes perceive. A well-considered purchase will allow for maximum comfort in viewing your favourite TV series – in sharp and vivid colors, without straining your eyes. Another important parameter is the screen resolution. This is a designation that tells you the number of individual LEDs that are responsible for proper display. The more of them there are, the clearer and more pleasing to the eye the picture is. For small, for example, 32-inch models, the sufficient resolution will be Full HD. Slightly larger models will come in a 4K option. TV 50 inches and larger will be enriched with the latest resolution technology, which will be labeled 8K. It guarantees a clear display with rich colors, without blurring, even when looking at the screen diagonally.

Smart TV – all TVs in one place

Since Internet TVs, such as Netfilx, Player or various types of platforms, for example YouTube, have become popular and eagerly watched, manufacturers of modern TV models introduce Smart TV into their software. With this solution, the owner of the device is not forced to watch only the usual programs, and on a single device can enjoy a variety of. In addition, innovative technology, allows the TV screen to display a web browser, which will allow you to browse selected portals on the big screen.

Before buying, it is worth to check the connectors of the chosen model. The most popular are:

  • HDMI and USB – with their use you can connect a flash drive or game console,
  • Wi-Fi – allows you to connect to the Internet,
  • CI module – allows you to watch satellite TV without buying a decoder,
  • traditional antenna input – allows to play terrestrial TV.

After getting familiar with mysterious-sounding parameters that determine the quality, but above all the functionality of the TV, it will certainly be easier to make the best choice.

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