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Digital technologies in retailing a new quality of customer service.

Digital technologies in retail: a new quality of customer service

Success in retail trade depends not only on high quality products, attractive price and availability of goods. It is also about interpersonal relations – customers like to return to places where they can count on perfect service, friendly advice from sales representatives, efficient complaint handling. And what will happen when we get to the so called. the human factor will be added to modern sales support technologies?

How modern technologies can support retail?

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The number of self-employed in IT is growing steadily.

The number of self-employed in IT is growing steadily

Self-employment in the IT industry has been enjoying unabated popularity for several years. According to No Fluff Jobs, a website with ads for the IT industry, this form of employment is already offered in three quarters of advertisements addressed to IT specialists. Moreover, at the end of 2020 there were more than 112 thousand active. of one-person IT companies, and their number has been growing steadily for the last six years – on average at a rate of 13.5%. every year.

The longer the length of service, the more popular the self-employment

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Chinese electric cars – Xiaomi accepts the challenge.

Chinese electric cars – Xiaomi accepts the challenge

Xiaomi has run its business along the lines of Apple, with CEO Lei Jun likening himself to the image of Steve’Jobs. The Chinese giant has been creating similar marketing campaigns to those run by the Silicon Valley holding company. Although Lei has been called a fake Jobs, the way they promote their new products has ensured their success.

Electric cars from Xiaomi

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CloudHosting – the best choice for your online store.

CloudHosting – the best choice for your online store

COVID-19 pandemic influenced the change of previous business strategies. With land-based commerce hampered, and face-to-face interactions reduced, companies have turned to e-commerce. The rise of online sales is estimated to be a continuing trend that is already shaping the future of global commerce. When deciding on an online store, it is worth paying attention to the quality of hosting, i.e. the place on the Internet where we want to run our sales platform. Polish leader in this area is invariably the, the company recognized by IT professionals as a hosting company of 2020.

Speed matters

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Invitation to Click 2021 conference (online)! Join the best!

Invitation to Click 2021 (online)! Join the best!

We would like to invite you to Click 2021 (online) which is the fourth edition of the biggest IT multicultural conference in the form of online event. It is addressed mainly to IT professionals who want to find themselves in the world of the latest technologies and business. The most important value of the conference is the high substantive level of technical presentations. There are 4 technology tracks: Java, Web, Mobile (Android / iOS) and Python / Cloud / Machine Learning / AI / Data Science / Salesforce.

The event also features a Virtual IT Job Fair and a Virtual IT Services Fair, where you can meet renowned IT companies at their dedicated virtual booths.

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SemKRK returns to your screens!

semKRK returns to your screens!

semKRK This is a unique conference for SEM and SEO professionals, online marketing agencies, marketing departments, e-commerce industry and business owners. The idea of meetings organized by the agency from Kraków DevaGroup is above all an exchange of knowledge in a relaxed, barcamp-like atmosphere. The meetings have one main goal: to integrate the online marketing industry and educate. The event will be held online, with no limit of participants.

During semKRK#17:

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Parcels to Ireland – how to order a courier via website on your phone

Parcels to Ireland – how to order a courier via website on your phone?

One of the emigration countries is Ireland, where many people go not only for tourism but also for work. There is no shortage of people choosing to start a family in Ireland, which has a lot to offer on every level. Everyone has different needs, preferences and expectations, and the choice of destination is an individual matter. Even if your family or friends are in Ireland, you can easily send them a package from Poland. You can send a package through the website and a courier will come to collect it and deliver it to your address. What is important, it can be done quickly and simply even from the phone and it will not cause you any difficulties!

A parcel arrives in Ireland just a few days after its delivery?

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Huawei in collaboration with Megvii created a questionably moral algorithm.

Huawei in collaboration with Megvii created a questionably moral algorithm

Chinese giant has tested artificial intelligence software that can recognize Uighur minorities. The Republic of China has been repressing Islamic minorities for years, and the scale of the terror was confirmed by the leak of secret state data. The authorities have created re-education camps for them, where more than a million people are already locked up. Although Uighurs have the legal status of an ethnic minority, in practice they have been the main object of repression by the Communist Party for years.

Huawei has partnered with Megvii

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We’ll buy a new car over the phone, and virtual reality and mobile gaming will help us do it.

We can buy a new car on the phone, and virtual reality and mobile gaming will help us do it

In 2021, Toyota and Lexus are preparing a strong expansion of online tools so customers can buy a car without leaving home. Global automotive brands are trying to keep up with new consumer needs dictated by the pandemic. From a study conducted by AdColony for Mobiem (AdColony study, 2020.) The new generation of AirPods and changes in Apple Music show that Poles are also more and more willing to buy cars 100 percent. over the Internet. The mobile industry is now changing rapidly, and the biggest and experienced players know where to look for potential customers online and are increasingly bold in entering the world of mobile gaming. So Ford hired a video game developer to design a new pick up model, and asked gamers to help create a car called the Ford of Europe. There will be more and more forms of combining virtual reality with real purchase decisions. Today, the customer is found in e-commerce channels, and mobile gaming users are an increasingly powerful group of digital consumers.

Proclaiming predictions about the growth of the e-commerce segment is now becoming a given. Over the past few pandemic months, the retail shopping market has changed and that’s a fact. We are buying more online – including using smartphones – and the online shopping sector will have high ratings this year as well, and with many active consumers online retail will remain as a convenient habit for a long time. This market will grow and this is no longer a revolution. However, what goods we will be ordering with our cell phone in the near future may be interestingcomments Michał Giera, CEO, Mobiem PolskaIt turns out that buying a passenger car in br. 46% plan to implement innovative IT solutions. of Poles asked about it (Wallets of Poles under a magnifying glass, 2020 survey.). Surprising? No, but one in four of them wants to conclude such a transaction exclusively with the help of online tools, rather than in person, by visiting a car showroom or meeting with a broker, and this is a prognosis worth noting. For the auto industry, this is important data because it shows a whole new consumer behavior. This is an opportunity to read the needs and expectations of potential buyers and find them on the Internet, among others, in social media, thematic services and through advertising in mobile gamingMichał Pietruszka, Head of Mobile Product, Mobiem Polska

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New technologies in Apple gadgets.

New technologies in Apple gadgets

The nearest time is a period of several premieres of gadgets from Silicon Valley. The day will most likely see the launch of new AirPods, and the Apple Watch is likely to undergo a revolution and be equipped with a few more options. The watch may gain the ability to measure blood pressure, blood glucose and blood alcohol levels. This information was shared by an Apple business partner.

Apple has emerged as the largest customer of UK startup Rockley Photonics. A company from the islands has developed non-invasive sensors to detect many blood-related health parameters – including blood pressure, glucose levels and blood alcohol levels. Normally, these results are obtained through invasive, advanced medical tests.

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