Mobile Trends Awards distributed. Meet the best 2020 projects!

Mobile Trends Awards distributed. Meet the best projects of 2020!

2020 was a year of new challenges and changes for many companies. In connection with the pandemic, the development of mobile solutions has been significantly accelerated to adapt to the situation. On March 4, 2021, for the 10th time, the arch-rivals received the Mobile Trends Awards.

This year, due to prevailing restrictions, the Gala, held after the first day of the Mobile Trends conference, was broadcast online without the audience. The event from a special studio at the Museum of Computer and Information Technology History in Katowice was hosted by Jaroslaw Juszkiewicz, known for his Polish Google navigation. Recording from the MTA Gala is available on YouTube channel.

The organizer and initiator of the event is ClickMaster Polska, a company specializing in the creation of advanced web applications, which has been organizing the event for 10 years now Mobile Trends Awards Gala and the Mobile Trends Conference held on the same days.

Honorary patronage the event was covered by the President of the City of Cracow Jacek Majchrowski, the Mayor of Katowice and the Association of Internet Industry Employers IAB Poland.

Full list of media patrons of the event can be found at

In the competition for award Mobile Trends Awards 2020 Any creator of mobile projects realized by Polish companies or Polish branches of foreign companies could participate. Internet users also had their say – Their choice was equal to two votes of the jury. They also selected their own winner – the projects that received the most votes from Internet users received a special award.

Below we present the winners selected by the Internet users:

I place Special Prize of Internauts:

  • PKO Bank Polski for IKO application development

II place Special Internet Users’ Award:

Third place Internauts’ Special Award:

  • Rossmann SDP for the development of Rossmann PL application

Below we present the best projects selected by the Competition Jury from among all the nominees:

First place Main Prize Mobile Trends Awards

  • InPost for developing InPost Mobile application. Executor: InPost, Iteo

II place Main award Mobile Trends Awards

  • Katarzyna Koczułap, Radosław Czemerys, Michał Żołnieruk, Marek Majchrzak for developing What about this sex application?

Third place Main award Mobile Trends Awards

  • NOVOL for N-family application. Executor: Appverk

Winners of individual categories of Mobile Trends Awards 2020:


  • Polish Radio and the Office of the “Niepodległa” program for the website application.
  • National Museum in Warsaw for the digital MobileMS developer
  • Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding Center for the website Designer: Superscript
  • Polish Radio for Podcasts


  • Wirtualna Polska Media for Vibez service.en
  • Neonet for the neonet service.en. Implementer: Global4Net
  • Neptis for the autoplac
  • for grill360 service.en


  • UAB for ZEN – Zero Effort Nonbank application
  • Bank Millennium for the development of the Bank Millennium application
  • PKO Bank Polski for IKO application development
  • SGB-Bank for the SGB Mobile application. Executor: Ailleron
  • mBank for developing mBank PL application


  • Jeronimo Martins Drogerie i Farmacja for Hebe application. Executor: Future Mind
  • OTCF (owner of the 4F brand) for the 4F application. Realizer: IMAGINE, Goodylabs
  • for Bonito application. Executor: Appchance Group
  • for the Modivo application. Realizator: Norbsoft


  • Rossmann SDP for developing Rossmann PL application
  • POLOmarket for the development of POLOmarket application – even more benefits!. Designer: Appchance Group.
  • for developing eobuwie Voted by: SNOW.DOG
  • Żabka Polska for developing Żappka application. Designer: Future Mind / Synerise / First Data / Pointpack
  • X-kom for the x-kom application development


  • Digital Melody for Nature Matters – A Journey To Save The Planet
  • Simplicity Games for the Football Killer game
  • Simplicity Games for the Speedway Heroes game


  • InPost for the development of the InPost Mobile application. Executor: InPost, Iteo
  • Dietly for Dietly customer panel application. Executor: e-point
  • Orange Polska for developing Orange Flex application
  • VikingCo Poland for Viking App. Executor: Mobile Vikings and Ulam Labs
  • Nowa ITAKA for the development of ITAKA application. Executor: Axabee


  • NOVOL for N-family application developed by Appverk.
  • Syngenta Polska for the mojeINFOPOLE application. Executor: Appchance Group
  • Lead Investments for the MyLead application. Executor: TRUI
  • BPSC for Impuls EVO – Start Screens application. Executor: Netizens
  • Mateusz Glanert – MG Co. Mateusz Glanert for the application #z Zanimzaczniesz – prepare to start a business. Executor: spacecreations
  • Żabka Polska for the Cyberstore application. Realized by: Netguru


  • Fitatu for the development of Fitatu – Smart Personal Nutrition application
  • Kujawsko-Pomorska Organizacja Turystyczna (Kujawsko-Pomorska Tourist Organization) for the application Constellations of Good Places – Tourist Passport. Implementation: Amistad
  • BizPro for DaNoize application. Realization: Holdapp
  • TVP Sport for a new version of TVP Sport application. Realized by: TVP Technology Center
  • Newonce for newonce Produced by: newonce and El Passion


  • Radio 357 for the Radio 357 application. Contributor: Escola
  • Daniel Wojciechowski for Nextplease
  • Agora, Wyborcza Product Development for Gazeta Wyborcza’s Crosswords application. Creator: Product Development Department of
  • Interia for Interia
  • Agora, Wyborcza’s product development for application development of Gazeta Wyborcza. Realized: Product development department of Wyborcza.en in cooperation with Artegence Agency.
  • Polish Radio for the Polish Radio Drivers app


  • Katarzyna Koczułap, Radosław Czemerys, Michał Żołnieruk, Marek Majchrzak for Co z tym seksem application?
  • ZKlaster – Zgorzelec Cluster of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Development for the Zgorzelec 3D AR application. Executor: MASKOM
  • Bank Pekao for PeoPay KIDS application

Congratulations to all nominees and winners! Those who would like to try their hand at the next edition of the plebiscite are invited to follow Mobile Trends on social media.

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