What Poles searched for in the Internet last year

What Poles searched for on the Internet last year?

Google Trends is a tool which allows to monitor phrases searched by users. This is not software that indicates specific data, but shows trends. The operation of Google Trends is very intuitive and clear. After entering a keyword we can narrow search results to a country, region, search location and category. This tool can be used in SEO, thanks to which it is possible to verify the popularity of given keywords. Complementing Google Trends is the Keyword Planner, which assists in analyzing keywords used in search engines.

Poles in the shadow of “Year in Search” report

In its annual “Year in Search” report, Google shows what users searched for in the browser. Analyses show that the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated our everyday life. The data was divided into nine categories, undoubtedly it can be pointed out that they correlate with the topics that appeared in the media and politics.

Keywords gaining the fastest popularity in the Polish Internet:

  • Coronavirus
  • Coronavirus in Poland
  • Elections in the USA
  • Coronavirus tips
  • Google Classroom

Topics that have been talked about:

  • Coronavirus
  • U.S. presidential election
  • Presidential election in Poland
  • Travel voucher
  • Iran

People who are especially interested in Internet users:

  • Joe Biden
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Pawel Królikowski
  • Iga Świątek
  • Rafał Trzaskowski
  • 365 days
  • Parasite
  • Don Stansilao
  • How I Became a Gangster
  • Dogs 3

How to make?

  • How to make antibacterial liquid?
  • How to make a mask without sewing?
  • How to Make Yeast?
  • How to make sourdough bread?
  • -How to make an Easter card?
  • How to sew a mask?
  • How to make antibacterial liquid?
  • How to make a travel voucher?
  • How to set up a trusted profile?
  • How to make a mask without sewing?

Politicians of particular interest to online audiences:

  • Joe Biden
  • Rafał Trzaskowski
  • Donald Trump
  • Kim Jong Un
  • Krzysztof Bosak

An idea for:

  • Noodle idea
  • Chicken breast idea
  • Soup idea
  • Zucchini idea
  • Meatless dinner ideas


  • A house made of paper
  • Queen’s gambit
  • Prisoner of love
  • The Ugly 2
  • The price of freedom

Ubiquitous death, illness, the prospect of economic crisis, changes in the functioning of almost all areas of life made 2020 a time for reflection and focus on the other person. This is confirmed by Internet research, where, for example, the phrase “how to be an anti-racist” was searched for more often than “how to be a millionaire”. Internet users put aside their needs and the keyword “how to make a donation” was searched twice as much as “how to save money”. Based on Google data, it can be indicated that awareness of invisible disabilities has increased worldwide, as searches on the topic have doubled compared to earlier. Reflection was also accompanied by gratitude. The phrase “how to thank…” has reached statistics all over the world. Primarily seen in the work of teachers, bus drivers, nursing staff and doctors.

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