Customer Journey – an enigmatic process which is useful for every company.

Customer Journey – an enigmatic process that is useful for every company

An organization can only grow if it is able to benefit from the experience and eliminate possible irregularities. However, in order to be able to do that, it is first necessary to diagnose them. Fortunately, the world of commerce and marketing has created tools that make this possible. They make diagnosing and solving problems much easier. One such tool is Customer Journey.

Path mapping, experience gathering – is it necessary?

It is worth explaining what Customer Journey is all about. At the same time it is possible to imagine that using particular services of a company is like moving around on a board. On this board, the customer goes through the successive stages of the service, which he orders and then uses. There are all sorts of emotions involved – while the process of ordering the service may be clear and easy for the customer, the process of delivery of the service or its implementation at subsequent stages will bring them a lot of difficulties. Each of these reactions is worth noting. Thanks to this it is possible to eliminate mistakes and negative perceptions. This, in turn, can help improve the customer experience with the company, thus increasing the number of customers.

Customer Journey – is it difficult?

Of course, the Customer Journey process should be handled by specialists. What is important here is experience and skilful conducting of research on customers. It is necessary to know what information is important and where it can be obtained. Some data is available in company systems and can be used, but some information will need to be obtained from customers themselves. Conducting polls and getting them to participate is also an important skill and not as simple as you might think.

How much does a Customer Journey cost??

Customer Journey pricing is also a process. Each company has a different specificity and requires individual actions to precisely examine the customer path. A lot depends on how much time you will need to devote to the Customer Journey process, how broad the scope of activities is to be and what activities will be necessary to gather customer feedback. Using a sample price is a mistake because it may not work at all when pricing a Customer Journey for another organization of a different nature. What is important, however, is to approach the topic thoughtfully and put the process in the hands of professionals who not only price it skillfully, but also execute it just as skillfully.

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