Decreasing interest in Clubhouse – Android comes to the rescue.

Decline in interest in Clubhouse – to the rescue comes Android

The number of downloads of Clubhouse is decreasing every month. As of April 2021, the app has only been downloaded 922,000 times, compared to 9.6 million in February this year. Is the decision to enter the market of android users a result of the decrease of interest in the application by Apple users?

Clubhouse Retention

The drop in user downloads signals a slowdown in the social media platform that erupted a year ago with the arrival of “Silicon Valley’s favorite app” – Clubhouse. Sensor Tower’s data shows that April user growth appears to be slowing, and the data suggests that the pause in downloads may continue for an extended period of time. It would seem that the app will gain a great deal of loyal, long-time users, as The program has even interested Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Changes in the application

The platform allows users to conduct their own audio conversations in rooms, which anyone can join. The company’s CEO Paul Davidson has indicated that the app will eventually be open access, without an invitation required, so far. In April of this year, the startup partnered with payment processing company, to enable sending funds at Clubhouse. The company in a press release indicated that it is a tool that will allow developers to receive payments directly.

Clubhouse on Android

App developers communicated on May 16, 2021 that they will expand the app to Android devices within a week. So far, it has been available only for iOS devices. A few days ago, Clubhouse entered the beta phase of the Android version and conducted a series of tests on the system from Google for US-based internet users. The version is expected to arrive in Brazil, Japan, Russia on Tuesday (May 18), and is expected to be available to the rest of the world by Friday (May 21) at the latest. Currently, developers are collecting, analyzing data from U.S. users and eliminating possible glitches and system bugs.

Developers are constantly working to add or improve features such as payments or creating new clubs. The developers indicated that app availability on Android has always been an important part of development, and work on a version for Google Play has been ongoing for the past year. Currently The Android version of the app is much poorer than the iOS version and it lacks many useful functions, however, the creators assure that all options are to be carried over in the same shape.

Cybercriminals use Clubhouse

When Clubhouse announced that it was going to create an Android version, cybercriminals became interested in the phenomenon. Users who look forward to Clubhouse on their smartphones must be attentive. Criminals offer to download an app that is confusingly similar to Clubhouse. Its operation is completely different. The software that scammers are promoting under the guise of an app is nothing more than an attempt to extract sensitive data. So far the fake Clubhouse cannot be downloaded from Google Play, but the APK installation file of the malware pretending to be a popular service is easily available online. According to, the BlackRock Trojan that was sewn into fake Clubhouse on Android, can steal login credentials for more than 400 different services, including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and eBay. Additionally, malware can steal data for banking apps, exchanges and cryptocurrency services. You should be vigilant and monitor the changes on the mobile market in a few days, when the Clubhouse app will also be available in Poland.

Polish Android users will be able to use Clubhouse in days. Will its launch on Google Play make the number of downloads level off and Clubhouse return to the top of Sensor Tower’s listings again? Undoubtedly, data in the coming months will show us the answer.

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