Digital technologies in retailing a new quality of customer service.

Digital technologies in retail: a new quality of customer service

Success in retail trade depends not only on high quality products, attractive price and availability of goods. It is also about interpersonal relations – customers like to return to places where they can count on perfect service, friendly advice from sales representatives, efficient complaint handling. And what will happen when we get to the so called. the human factor will be added to modern sales support technologies?

How modern technologies can support retail?

More and more companies decide to combine sales in stationary stores with online activities. Such integrated omnichannel operations require support from technology. The software can be used to manage inventory, conduct customer service and sales activities, control pricing and discount policies across all channels.

An important area where digital products can be applied is loyalty systems. Companies in the retail industry use such software to build long-term relationships with customers and reach out to potential buyers.

An example of using new technologies in retail can be tools to automate online store management. You can automate, among other things, order processing, payments, accounting or trading on sales platforms.

Should every retail company undergo digital transformation?

Digital transformation is not just reserved for online businesses. It is the stationary stores, through the use of multi-channel sales, information kiosks and personalization tools, that can increase their competitiveness in relation to online stores.

How to implement digital retail products to achieve success?

Companies that are embarking on digital transformation should first and foremost focus on maintaining customer relationships. Customer-focused digital products not only improve service, but also foster positive relationships and personalize service.

The choice of digital products should not be accidental. When planning changes in the area of sales and customer service, it is worth turning to experts for support. Consultants from companies such as GlobalLogic, which specializes in software engineering services, look at the full life cycle of a product and propose solutions on this basis. This ensures that digital transformation is not separate from the sales process, but is consistent with it.

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