Program for lawyers – a way to increase work efficiency.

Program for lawyers, a way to increase work efficiency

Effective law is an orderly law, covering all aspects of life. Not surprisingly, all actions in this matter are taken and carried out on the basis of predetermined rules and procedures. In the life of a lawyer there is no room for improvisation, which sooner or later would lead to chaos. In other words, effectiveness, and thus efficiency, are inextricably linked with the organization of work of law firms. Development naturally results in increased responsibilities, the need to create teams and, as a result, forces coordination activities. Contrary to appearances, this is not a task beyond one’s strengths, provided one uses modern management support tools. So how to increase the efficiency of lawyers’ work? Let’s think together how to achieve it.

Information technology in the service of law

Dynamically developing market of widely understood legal services introduces competitiveness to the list of priorities. In this concept there is not only knowledge and efficiency, there is also an efficient organization, thanks to which you are not only able to control current processes in the office, but also to effectively predict and plan future events. The company is an organism that generates both costs and revenue. Employees are able to bring losses, but with proper management of their time, they will certainly bring profits. The secret of success lies in what software for lawyers will be most effective in achieving our goals?

Essential functions of an organizational program

It is worth starting by creating working conditions which do not require permanent presence in the company’s headquarters. It is important because often duties require attending court sessions, meetings with clients or contact with information sources. You are a lawyer? Discover ways to increase the effectiveness of your work!

Dedicated organizational system should enable:

  • Creation of a virtual workplace.

Thanks to the system Amberlo It is possible to create and manage teams from any place.

  • Access to documents.

Through the system, it is possible to process documents and exchange information between team members in real time, without the need for time-consuming collection of information at the company headquarters.

  • Secure access to data in the cloud.

Thanks to security certificates obtained by Amberlo, data stored in the cloud are fully protected against loss or leakage. Authorized employees of the law firm have access to them at any time and place. Access to information is defined by roles assigned to each authorized person.

  • Clear message classification.

The system enables organizing all the messages according to the client or the conducted proceedings. Thanks to this, a lawyer has access to full information concerning a particular case or person.

  • Control of working time and expenses.

Through any authenticated device, it is possible to see all activities undertaken and the associated costs. This allows for the proper preparation of financial documentation for payers.

  • Calendar.

Not only shows current and future activities. Amberlo also reminds about important scheduled events, deadlines, meetings, etc.

  • Effectiveness testing.

Organizational system registers working time of subordinate teams, results of their activities in correlation with expected settlements with clients. Thanks to this approach, each activity performed in the case is reflected in the issued invoices.

As can be seen from the above, the system Amberlo is able to perform a multitude of tasks without the need to increase the employment level. Managing the office by reducing employee costs significantly relieves the company, thereby also contributing to increasing its efficiency, as confirmed by numerous opinions of satisfied users.

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