Samsung S21 Ultra 5G. See what makes Samsung’s new flagship stand out!

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G. See what’s special about Samsung’s new flagship!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is likely to become one of the most popular smartphones of 2021. This year’s flagship is equipped with many innovative technologies and features. See why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Galaxy is the most popular series for people looking for a smartphone for special tasks. It’s all about excellent quality photos, videos, but not only. S21 Ultra 5G offers much more.

Elegant design

Like previous models from the Galaxy family, S21 Ultra 5G features an elegant finish and is available in classic black and silver. The glossy panel is sure to attract the attention of anyone looking for a nice smartphone. Just take it in your hand to see how the matte back casing feels. It is worth mentioning that compared to last year’s model Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra this year managed to minimize the protruding lenses by up to 30%.

Reliable cameras

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G Offers up to 5 lenses to take great photos. On top of that, we get a lot of options to improve our photos or recorded videos. We will capture objects from long distances without any problem thanks to the 100x zoom (photos), and for recording videos we can test the 20x zoom. In addition to autofocus and minimized shock effect, we also get the One Shot feature. With this option, the smartphone captures a video and analyzes it using artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing us to choose the best effect.

We also don’t have to worry about bright and vivid photos at night. Special sensor along with artificial intelligence reduces noise and quickly generates an improved photo. It is worth mentioning that the quality of the selfie has been significantly improved compared to previous models. Selfies that look like authentic portraits taken with the camera? Z Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G it’s possible. To choose from we have Face Retouch+ option (greater smoothness of the photo while maintaining skin tone) or Selfie Color Tone, which allows you to choose your favorite color tone for portraits.

Four front rear lenses offer 108 Mpix + 12 Mpix + 10 Mpix + 10 Mpix, and the front selfie camera offers up to 40 Mpix. The lens apertures look as follows:

  • 108 Mpix – f/1.8 – rear main,
  • 12 Mpix – f/2.2 – rear ultra-wide angle,
  • 10 Mpix – f/2.4 – rear tele,
  • 10 Mpix – f/4.9 – rear tele,
  • 40 Mpix – f/2.2 – front.

8K recording and more

Samsung S21 Ultra 5G Capable of recording video in 8K resolution, at 24 frames per second. Thanks to this, we are able to “cut out” the freeze frame from each video recorded to get a picture in excellent quality. Simultaneous recording is an interesting solution. Director mode lets you record Simultaneously view thumbnail images in real time from different recording angles. The result of such a single recording is multiple videos from which we can choose the best one.

Dynamic AMOLED 2x display

A flagship smartphone is not only excellent cameras, but also a high-end lens. In case S21 Ultra 5G We are dealing with one of the brightest Dynamic AMOLED 2x screens. In practice, this means that the images displayed on the smartphone are always vivid, colorful and not devoid of deep contrast. On top of that there is more Reduced blue light emission, up to 50% compared to Super AMOLED. All this to take care of the comfort of our eyes (especially if we do not part with a smartphone all day).

The screen diagonal is 6.8 inches and the 3200 x 1440 pixel resolution screen provides fast and efficient scrolling and blur-free detail. A dynamic refresh rate of 120 Hz takes care of that.

Other technical parameters

Just like Samsung’s other smartphones, S21 Ultra 5G runs on a powerful Android 11 operating system and one of the fastest processors Samsung – 8-coreSamsung Exynos 2100. It doesn’t stop there, because S21 Ultra 5G is equipped with up to 12 GB of RAM, 128 GB of built-in memory and a USB type C connector.

Connectivity to other devices is possible via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). Add to that compatibility with the fifth generation 5G network. In 2021, more and more manufacturers are offering their flagship smartphones with a 5G module. This means that when the new network is operational in Poland, the speed of file transfers between 5G-enabled devices will increase significantly. There is also the possibility of making a video call in the quality of 1080 pixels or downloading large files up to 10 times faster than if we use the 4G LTE network.

Like its predecessor (S20 Ultra), the smartphone offers a powerful 5000 mAh battery. Dimensions Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G are 165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9 mm, and the weight is 228 g.

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