Smartphone payment apps in 2021.

Smartphone payment apps in 2021

Nowadays paying with cash goes back to ancient traditions, and pressing PIN at the terminal in a store is not recommended in times of coronavirus. Fortunately, there are apps on the mobile market for using your phone to make contactless payments in stores, pay friends and shop online, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Paying with your phone is easier than ever before. With mobile wallet services and phone apps, we can store in-store, pay off friends, and even transfer money to other countries using our touch screens. Debit and credit cards have replaced cash, but now the race is also entering
payment by phone.

Apple pay

Good news for IPhone owners, now your phone is also your wallet. You can use your phone to pay in stores not only online, but also in a supermarket or boutique. Just register your card in the Apple wallet app and stop worrying about a lost credit card. Everything at hand, or rather in your pocket. Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payment service and wallet app, it is an easy way to pay in person. The application can be used on all Apple devices.

Google Pay

For those who don’t own an Apple we have good news, Google has recently introduced payments through its system. Everything is changing, the way you make payments, from a movie ticket to a new car. Google Pay manages your payments and makes your wallet more digitized with your smartphone, allowing you to link all your accounts in one secure place. The best part is that it turns your phone into your personal banking system, allowing you to make payments or transfer money in the blink of an eye.

Samsung Pay

Carrying a wallet with all your credit and debit cards inside is no longer fashionable. Well, at least if you have a Galaxy smartphone that supports Samsung Pay. It is a mobile payment system that allows you to use your smartphone to pay in retail stores around the world. Nowadays people often have a smartphone at hand, Samsung Pay allows them to leave their plastic cards safely at home without
risks of loss.


All phone payment applications and services use anonymous tokens – encrypted versions of your credit card number. The actual number is not disclosed, which actually makes it a safer option than using the card itself. All services because they transmit card information
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