Subscription market in Poland. We are subscribing more and more willingly.

Subscription market in Poland. We are subscribing more and more willingly

Subscription models are becoming more and more popular every day, also in Poland. Used by most people, although not everyone is aware of it. Subscription itself is nothing new, just an old idea increasingly adapted to modern technology. How subscription systems work, why they are profitable and what are the biggest companies dealing with such services?

Subscription – what it is?

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Decreasing interest in Clubhouse – Android comes to the rescue.

Decline in interest in Clubhouse – to the rescue comes Android

The number of downloads of Clubhouse is decreasing every month. As of April 2021, the app has only been downloaded 922,000 times, compared to 9.6 million in February this year. Is the decision to enter the market of android users a result of the decrease of interest in the application by Apple users?

Clubhouse Retention

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Users choose mobile applications rather than websites.

Users choose mobile apps over websites more often

According to the “e-commerce in Poland 2021” report, prepared by Senuto, there are 87,489 online stores in the Polish Google. Internet user more and more often makes a choice between using an application and a website. In 2021, eMarketer predicts that adult smartphone users will spend about 4 hours a day using the mobile web, with 88% of that time spent using apps. The data shows that a growing gap is being created – users are spending more and more time just using apps. In response to this trend, companies are tweaking apps according to the preferences of their audience. The success during the implementation of the application, is the functionality, which translates into high user satisfaction.

A website that is not optimally prepared results in higher marketing costs. Companies want to introduce their products to as many consumers as possible. Potential customers abandon a website that is not fully useful to them. The efforts of marketers should lead to the customer choosing this company or product. Without a well-developed website for mobile, the marketing section may be “fighting windmills”.

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Trade in 2021 – twilight or revival

Trade in 2021 – twilight or revival?

Last year was a difficult time for everyone. For those involved in retail and e-commerce, it was a period of uncertainty, but also of increased sales. The economy is now slowly recovering and factories can produce goods without much concern about labor shortages. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, national events (not only in Poland) caused social unrest, which also affected most of the sales made in stores. All of these factors have resulted in many store closures, layoffs, or a huge number of companies ceasing to trade altogether.

The decline of traditional retail?

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The end of LG smartphones – changes in the technology market.

The end of LG smartphones – changes in the technology market

Recently, LG issued a statement that it is abandoning the smartphone business. Once a pioneer in this segment, the corporation now plans to focus on more profitable products. LG wants to start producing components for electric cars and internet-connected devices that are used in smart homes. Robotics, artificial intelligence, B2B solutions are another area the South Korean giant wants to focus on.

LG in the country on the Vistula river

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Customer Journey – an enigmatic process which is useful for every company.

Customer Journey – an enigmatic process that is useful for every company

An organization can only grow if it is able to benefit from the experience and eliminate possible irregularities. However, in order to be able to do that, it is first necessary to diagnose them. Fortunately, the world of commerce and marketing has created tools that make this possible. They make diagnosing and solving problems much easier. One such tool is Customer Journey.

Path mapping, experience gathering – is it necessary?

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Polish companies do not invest in modern technologies.

Polish companies do not invest in modern technologies

Polish companies are not investing in modern technologies. According to the latest Eurostat report. Artificial intelligence was used by only 4% of Polish companies. Experts, however, are under no illusions – only those companies that will bet in the near future on the industrial Internet of Things will be successful on the market.

Artificial intelligence has a huge impact on the development of industry. Today we are already talking about the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0), i.e. the use of automation, digitization and big data analytics to improve the efficiency of production processes by achieving greater flexibility of production, increasing its productivity while maintaining the highest quality standards, reducing costs, greater control and ensuring the safety of employees.

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Fintech Brunch #5 coming up on June 22.

Fintech Brunch #5 on June 22nd

The Fintech Brunch series of conferences are practical meetings that provide an excellent opportunity to make interesting business contacts and present your own achievements and solutions. Participation in the event provides an opportunity to both present and learn about ready-made solutions and cases, which will certainly make it easier for fintech companies to cooperate in this flexible environment.

Fill out the registration form and attend the 5. This year’s edition of Fintek Brunch: http://bityl.en/Ud6Qh

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More and more women decide to change their career path and start working in the IT sector.

More and more women are deciding to rebrand themselves and start working in the IT sector

The pandemic has left a huge mark on the IT market and has led to numerous changes, The proliferation of remote work, changing wages, or increased demand for professionals. A growing number of women are also choosing to rebrand and enter the IT workforce. However, not everything is so colorful. Because of the pandemic, women working in IT have more work to do at home. 41% of female programmers worldwide feel that remote work has negatively affected them. However, as many as 39% of women in Poland who want to start a career as a programmer, say that they have a problem with finding the right job offer.

According to “Women in tech report 2021” by TrustRadius 57% of female developers feel more burned out in their jobs, 43% of them work longer hours and 42% perform more household duties than their partners. Impact of coronavirus on women’s jobs in IT and beyond is very high. It’s not just things like earning or doing work remotely that have changed, but also aspects of personal life. In the same survey, 47% of IT workers indicated that the balance of their home office duties has changed due to epidemiological strictures.

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